Warren County Sheriff’s Office announces new app

Warren County App

The Sheriff’s Office will finally have the ability to interact with the public through an application on cell phones.

This will speed the flow of information to the public on issues, such as road closures and other emergencies which affect public safety.

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How marijuana normilzation impacts communities

Chronic State

Please view the video Chronic State from Drug Free Idaho about the impact of marijuana normalization in our communities.

This is why I stood with Sheriff’s from around New York State, to take a stand against the legalization of marijuana.

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Hadley-Luzerne Fundraiser

Hadley-Luzerne fundraiser

This morning Denise and I attended a fundraiser at the Hadley-Luzerne Fire Department. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Hadley Luzerne Mini-Marathon Dance.

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Chestertown Fundraiser

Chestertown Model Organization of American States

On February 9, 2019, I attended fundraiser at the Chestertown Vol. Fire Dept. to raise money for North Warren Students, who participate in the Model Organization of American States.

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