Since 2012, I have had the distinct privilege to serve as Undersheriff for the current Sheriff of Warren County, Bud York.

I am honored to have Sheriff York’s full support in my candidacy to become the next Warren County Sheriff. Together we have been able to increase public safety in Warren County through the following programs:

  •  Established a Narcan program allowing our officers to reverse opioid overdoses. This program saves lives every year.
  • We have established an Emergency Response Team. This provides a team of highly trained police officers which specialized equipment to respond to situations which are beyond the safe capabilities of normal patrols.
  • We initiated the Emergency Radio System Upgrade project. This is the primary means of communication for Police, Fire and EMS in Warren County. We have installed additional transmitter sites and installed new technology to deal with the poor coverage issues.
  • I assisted Sheriff York with establishing and managing the School Resource Officer program. We are currently in 5 school districts. This program has been a huge success with the Schools and the parents. It has completely changed the interaction between police and staff and students. I have seen this first hand when I went to speak to a law class in the Queensbury High School. As I walked through the hallways, the students kept greeting me with good morning officer, how are you officer. In the past, the students would avoid eye contact much less have a conversation with a uniformed police officer.
  • Established Re-Entry Coordinator program, whereby inmates who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse issues meet with the Re-Entry Coordinator and receive a “warm handoff” with a plan in place to get them the treatment they need. Why do this, it reduces recidivism and makes them a more productive member of society.
  • We have a State of the Art 9-1-1 Communications Center. I have directly overseen the improvements in technology in the 9-1-1 Center which are very important to public safety in Warren County.

My Vision

  • Expand the “Community Approach” to the opioid crisis through education and treatment. Educating our youth is absolutely imperative. Develop drug treatment program for our inmate population in conjunction with our community based treatment partners.
  • We must provide additional training and tools to our members to combat the issues related to the upcoming legalization of marihuana. We must keep the roads we travel safe. I have spoken with a law enforcement member who used to work in Colorado after the legalization of marihuana. We know the number of drivers operating under the influence of marihuana will increase. We know the number accidents on our highways will increase. We will make sure we have Drug Recognition Experts readily trained and available. We will also invest in technology to help identify and help prosecute impaired drivers.
  • We will research the implementation of Body Cameras. The evidence obtained by this technology is invaluable and shows the transparency and professionalism of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • I will work to have SRO’s in every school district who are willing to implement the program. The relationships these officers build often last a lifetime and help keep our schools and children safe. What is more precious than our children?
  • I will work to protect our senior citizens from scams and fraud. We will educate and protect this vulnerable population. All too often they are victimized.
  • We will invest in better technology to keep the public aware of public safety issues in Warren County. The public will be able to access a Sheriff App providing two way communication with the Sheriff’s Office. You will also be able to receive notifications, for sex offenders, road closures, weather related events and anything else which may affect your safety.

I am confident I have the leadership qualities and experience to lead the warren County Sheriff’s Office in a professional, knowledgeable manner and look forward to to being elected Warren County Sheriff.